I’ve been shooting things for as long as my fingers were able to operate a camera. Taking pictures was pretty much my obsession when I was a child. As I continued to grow, so did my hobby, eventually turning it into my beloved business! I have always appreciated the documentation and connection with the past that pictures provide. I learned early on that pictures are not just moments frozen in time, but are a medium to shared memories, memories that I am honored to capture for you and your loved ones to share.

I love Alaska! I am a diehard Alaskan, born and bred, and thankfully so is my husband! Alaska has so many gifts to offer: majestic beauty, remote freedom, adventure galore and my personal favorite, that quirky, independent, bold spirit that resides in Alaskans. I am so thankful that I get to live and work in such an amazing place, all while meeting fabulous people and capturing beautiful moments in time.

Most of my family, maternity and senior sessions are shot outdoors, taking advantage of the awe-inspiring and distinctive locations Alaska provides. My specialty is the non-traditional portrait. Non-traditional in the sense that I incorporate creative aspects into the sessions, ranging from props I build, to interesting locations, to compositions of the images and my clients themselves. I love getting to add a creative twist to portrait sessions while really capturing and highlighting what makes my clients who they are. I want to illustrate what makes them and their relationships unique.